What the…?

June 6, 2006

Metal Faith
Ok this is not the name of some obscure scandinavian metal band, it indeed is the title of my post.

I remember the days way back in the 90s when I was too young and too stupid, the major record labels were signing up independent or underground metal bands and releasing some cutting edge music.

That's how I came across Sepultura, Carcass, Metallica, Napalm Death and all. It changed my life as it is now from an obscure existence to this (it still is an obscure existence in the grandest scheme of things). I had found a voice inside me that was screaming to be heard in a generation of air-heads, I had found my fellow soulmates in these bands and the records they made.
(They were not actually writing anything about me though.)

Ah, those were the days!
If you were there, you'd know. (hey wasnt that a line from that Wham! group?)

Well, as the things have a habit of sucking big time, the record companies went too far and managed to sign up too many shitty bands and released lower than medicre records.

The result?

Suckfest began.

Korn, Limp Bizkit (get a life and take a well-deserved retirement guys!), even Slipknot, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Marilyn Manson (who do you think is fooled, sweat heart?) and the list goes on.
The market was destroyed and made way for even more shitty genres of different kinds of music.
The record companies blamed it on their earlier decisions to cash in on the metal wave or the grunge wave, however you look at it.

According to me, Nirvana was the ONLY grunge band, none of the other bands adapted that DIY ethics of Nirvana, nor the sound or the attitude. Of course, there were clones in the name of CandleBox, Silverchair, Bush and all but… It doesnt matter.

What I refuse to understand is a generation of air-heads, goateed bastards in shorts who behave like a black man trapped in a white man's body making shitty music and major labels, music channels and the radio feeding the entire generation on crap and creating another generation of numb nuts.

What happened to the rebel nature of the Rock/metal soul?
Has it all reduced to the pimpin' black assed bitches or the nu-metal (?) shit?
Say the f word 10 times, it will become funny than an expression of anger(?).

Metal died before it could breath a new life.

Wait a minute, all these obituaries have been written elsewhere and its an old thing, right?
Rock was dead when hair bands of the 80s started sporting nail polish and spraying their hair endangering the ozone, wasnt it?

Wrong. Right.

The scene is not as bleak as it seemed a few years ago.
Underground was alive, there was a steady movement kind of thing that kept on the metal faith (wow, i should copyright that title for an album i might release some day!)

Iron Maiden was always there since the days of NWOBHM,
Megadeth succumbed to Dave Mustain's ego issues and substance abuse,
Sepultura, well has left a lot to be desired after Max Cavalera departed,
Metallica… hmmmm… er…. can you believe these guys?
Then what happened to other bands?
Motorhead as always had kept it going just like AC DC, Slayer and all (as far as I can tell none of these bands could surpass their best albums since a decade or two)…

The European bands were doing something else. They were building a solid fan-base over the years.
The internet was elemental in getting so many bands the exposure that none of these magazines, music channels or the record companies could ever give.
Hell, I came across a few dozen bands that I have sincerely been following since the I welcomed them to my consciousness and it has opened me up to a different dimension altogether.

Between August 2005 to this day, the music scene has witnessed so many quality metal releases that reminds of 1993-1994.

Think Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Moonspell, Celtic Frost, Cradle of Filth, Evergrey, In Flames, Marduk, Arch Enemy, Riverside, Primal Fear, Mastadon, Meshuggah, Satyricon, Iced Earth and all…

Looks like the good days are at last here.
So much for early obituaries!

All the dope heads, hip hoppers, nu metallers and manufactured pop divas, pack your sorry asses and vanish into oblivion.

The time has come!
This is not all the woman at the kittie parties wanna 'pssst-did-you-know?' about.
This is official.

The proof?

Read my further posts for more dope on metal and mayhem (not the band)… trust me, like Monkees, you'll be a Believer!
I gotta go kick some serious metal ass!